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Are you moving to Thailand? is the right place for helping you with your move to Thailand. After making just one single request, you can get up to 6 free quotes sent by our international moving companies. After receiving the moving quotes you can easily compare the moving quotes at home.

Avoid the stress for your move to Thailand can save you time and money. You can also relieve the stress of your move to Thailand. You can find several professional moving companies at, and all of them have years of experience in international moving.

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About Thailand

Work permits for Thailand
If you want to legally work in Thailand, the first step is to obtain a non-immigrant visa. Once you get the non-immigrant visa, you can apply for the work permit. The Department of Labor is more reluctant to issue work permits to overseas nationals, so it is better to check what jobs are in demand before the application.

Some basic documents are required for applying for the work permit in Thailand:

  • Non-immigrant visa
  • Copy of your entry card
  • Copy of your degree
  • Proof of health examinations 2 color, 4 by 5 centimeter photons
  • Copy of the picture page of your passport

Health care in Thailand
Hospitals and medical facilities are good of quality in Bangkok; many doctors can speak English fluently. Private hospitals are first-rate and much less expensive compared to those in Europe and Unites States.

Thailand has been making efforts to become a medical tourism destination for operations, such as LASIK surgery, dental treatment and cosmetic surgery. The health care is of good quality and in low price.

Cost of living in Thailand
The cost of living in Thailand is cheaper compared to other countries and international cities. Food is inexpensive in Thailand, so are crafts and handmade goods. Therefore, it is more cost effective to decorate an unfurnished department rather than to rent a furnished one. It is possible to bargain when buying things at markets.

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Whether you want to emigrate from Hong Kong to Thailand or come back, our professional removal companies are right there for you to help you with your international move. They are specialized in international moving and have years of experience in international relocations.

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It is very fast and easy to use You will also find that it is 100% obligation free. After you complete filling in the request form, it will directly be sent to our international moving companies. You will be contacted within a very short period.


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From Hong Kong to Hat Yai
"I was searching for some international moving companies online and felt a little bit confused when finding so many companies. I felt tired after asking same questions to different moving companies. Luckily, I found which saved me a lot of time.”
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