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Moving from Hong Kong to the USA soon and still hasn’t found the international mover for you? will provide you with the most appropriate solution for that. Here you can choose your moving company by comparing prices and services of up to six international moving companies.

Avoid the stress for your move to the USA is the quickest and easiest way to find international moving companies in Hong Kong. Fill in the form with the information about your move to the US and it will be sent directly to international moving companies in your area. They will quickly respond to your individual request and offer you their moving quotes for your move to the USA.

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  1. Choose the country you are moving from (Hong Kong) and your destination (USA)
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About the Unites States of America

Visa issues for your US move
For residents from Hong Kong a visa is required even for the purpose of traveling.  Depending on purposes and length of stay you can apply for different types of US visa. Concerning staying in China for long period of time, the following types of visa exist: 

  • B1 Visa: temporary visa for business
  • B2 Visa: temporary tourist visa
  • H1B: Work Permit
  • H2B: Work Permit for Seasonal Jobs
  • L1 Visa: intra- company transfer visa
  • E Visa: for Investors
  • J1 Visa: for Internships

Green Card
The Green Card is the American residence permit for foreign nationals. It allows its owners to live and work in the USA on a permanent base. There are four main ways to receive a Green Card. They are:

  • Green Card through employment or sponsorship
  • Green Card through family member
  • Green card through lottery
  • Green card through marriage

Job opportunities in the USA
The USA is an international country, the most jobs you can find in the big cities of the USA, like Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Chicago, Washington and others. There are many international companies located over there. The most demanded jobs in the USA are the following: IT specialist, finance manager, account manager, health care specialist, lawyer, sales manager and marketing assistant.

Specialists in international moves to the USA
When moving to another country, it is very important to make sure that the removal company dealing with your move is a professional removal company. You can entrust your removal to the USA to the companies listed on They were carefully selected by positive reviews of customers and have years of experience.

Quick and easy quotes
Within a few minutes spending on filling in the form, you can find your international moving company by comparing quotes from several movers in your area. Save both time and money on your move to the USA. Choose the best value for your move to the US.


Our belongings were delivered on time
“The companies we found here offered different prices for our removal. As we had limited budget, we chose the cheapest one. Nevertheless, our belongings were delivered on time and without any loss.”
Reviewed by: P. Lian Moved from Hong Kong to Seattle
Rating: 9/10
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The moving company did a really good job
“We found the moving company in a few days after completing the form. The easiest way in that case is to get the quotes by e-mail, you can easily compare prices at the time you want. The price which I received was not doubled in the end. There are no extra hidden costs. The moving company did a really good job. Thank you.”
Reviewed by: D. Miru Moved from Hong Kong to Philadelphia
Rating: 7/10
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