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Intlmovers is an international removal quotes provider since 2003.  Intlmovers sends thousands of international removal quotes per day for people moving from Hong Kong to anywhere in the world! Below we show you just a small amount of quotations that have been sent on just one day for Hong Kong:

Moving from Hong Kong to Macau
Quotation date: 5/18/2012 07:27:04
"5 boxes of personal stuffs, eg. clothes, books, shoes"

Moving from Hong Kong to Canada
Quotation date: 5/18/2012 06:16:37
"Basically just clothings, some personal items, books and an amplifier."

Moving from Hong Kong to Taiwan
Quotation date: 5/18/2012 05:36:53
"Funitures: 1 closet, 1 sofa, 1 cabinet, 1 dinning table, 4 charis. Electrical appliances: 2 TVs, Microwave, Toaster. Kitchen appliances: pans, bowls, cups, etc. Personal Belongings: clothings, books, etc."

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